What is SPUR?

SPUR provides a comprehensive breakdown on how Microsoft products, acquired through the Microsoft Services Provider License Agreement (SPLA), can be used. It meticulously outlines the rights, restrictions, and requirements linked to Microsoft products in a hosted setup.

The Structure of SPUR

SPUR is methodically organized for clarity:

Universal License Terms: Overarching terms that apply universally across SPUR. Click here is an article to understand the universal use rights.

Licensing models in SPUR
  • Per Core Model:
  • Per SAL Model (Subscriber Access License Model)
  • Host/Guest Model:

Diving into Product Specific Terms in SPUR

The Product Specific Terms are an integral component of SPUR, encompassing:

  • Availability: Specifies which products are available for licensing.
  • Use Rights: Outlines the rights pertaining to the usage of a specific product.
  • Licensing Model Rules: Dictates the rules associated with the licensing models like Per Core, Per SAL, and Host/Guest.
  • Allowed Access Licenses: Details the licenses that are permitted to access a given product by a user.

These terms serve as an all-encompassing guide, ensuring users are adeptly informed about their licensing agreements and are compliant.

Regular Updates to SPUR

With the dynamic nature of technology and Microsoft's consistent unveiling of new products, SPUR is updated routinely. Such updates guarantee that service providers stay abreast of the current use rights and obligations tied to each product.

Navigating the SPUR Website

The SPUR is available here

The SPUR website is designed for user convenience:

  1. Finding Product Terms: To locate terms related to the for example of Exchange Server:
  2. Choose 'Office Servers' from the product index.
  3. From the ensuing list, select 'Exchange Server'.
  4. Reviewing Historical Terms: To view terms from a past date, adjust the 'Effective Date' on the top right corner.
  5. Downloading and Printing: Click on the print icon located top right:
  6. Options include downloading or printing the entire document, or selecting specific sections.

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