Octopus for engineering and operations

Bring new products to market at faster speed, with accurate price points.

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The SPLA Licensing & FinOps platform for engineering and operations professionals at service providers

Cost Management and Reduction

Efficient Resource Allocation

Improved Reporting and Analytics

Automated End Customer Billing

Accelerate company growth year on year

Gain strategic competitive advantage

Achieve faster time-to-market

Deliver innovative and market-leading solutions, cost effectively

Retain your best talent

What’s keeping you up at night?

Overworked engineers

Engineers are becoming unsatisfied as their workloads keep increasing.

Long delivery cycles

Products are taking too much time to get to market, meaning the business is missing out on opportunity.

Budget confusions

It’s hard to predict how new priorities or launches will impact the overall budget.

Complexity of licensing

There’s too much complexity in the software licenses held. It’s hard to see what’s actually being used.

Unclear ownership

It’s difficult to identify who has ownership of different services or applications, and who is using them.

Gain clarity and control with Octopus FinOps

Increased visibility

Gain complete oversight over your IT environment's current SPLA licensing &  cloud costs.  

Find value

Connect your actions to your SPLA licensing & cloud costs and unit economics to bring out more value.

More accountability

Provide your teams with the accountability to utilize the tools they need in the way the need.

Raise efficiency

Adopt solid architecture principles to increase the efficiency of engineers.

Faster speed to market

Gain more freedom to utilise newer cloud technologies to deliver solutions faster.

Going deeper with Octopus

Use cases for engineering and operations

Achieve success against key metrics

Revenue by infrastructure costs

Cost per deployed service

Service utilization rates

Chargeback of IT costs to the business