Complete Control Over SPLA Compliance

Collect data from your IT infrastructure, automate SPLA reporting,
master audits, and enhance compliance with Octopus Cloud.

Reduce compliance risk and boost business performance

Software licensing is a complicated part of IT management. The complexity multiplies when service providers rely on custom scripts or rudimentary Excel spreadsheets for usage reporting. Octopus Cloud brings a range of advantages that can give service providers complete control over their SPLA licenses, with confidence that compliance will always be achieved.

Gain deep infrastructure insights

Full transparency with in-depth discovery of hardware, software and users across the entire IT estate. Let Octopus automatically map all users, applications, servers and networks together.

Usage reports

Convert data from across your IT infrastructure into cost optimized and compliant SPLA usage reports with the Octopus Intelligence for SPLA tool. This process can then be accessed by auditors.

Reduce your audit risk

Compare your previous SPLA reports with Octopus Cloud reports to discover risks or spot opportunities to save costs. Data from Octopus Cloud is accepted by almost all global auditors.

Use Octopus for superior SPLA licensing management

Comprehensive features

Get full use of built-in features including performance monitoring, end-customer billing and Azure cost forecasting.

Full integration

Seamlessly integrate Octopus Cloud with your other IT systems for a unified view of your IT environment.

Save time and effort

Octopus Cloud’s tools are ready to use with minimal set up, freeing up your teams to focus on other tasks.


Octopus Cloud uses industry best practices to create standardized and easy-to-manage processes for compliance, as assessed by KPMG


Octopus Cloud Scanners are built to scale, adaptable to any business whether small, large, or growing.

More cost savings

Streamlined processes and reduced errors mean Octopus Cloud can create significant cost savings and optimizations for your organization.

Dedicated customer support

Have peace of mind thanks to Octopus Cloud’s robust customer support, comprehensive documentation and thriving user community.

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