Intelligent SPLA Licensing combined with FinOps for full control

With the Octopus platform, SPLA Partners gain deeper insights and automate SPLA Licensing, reduce compliance risks, ensure accurate customer billing, and build robust business case analyses for Cloud Migration.

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Our lightweight agent-based or agentless collectors automate ultra-deep data collection from public and multi-tenant private cloud environments, software and users, and mapping data to customers.

Visualize and review all collected data, provide insights into the entire data estate and comparisons between license models and subscriptions.

Provide automated, deep analysis and insights into SPUR and SPLA Licensing, with automated cloud cost forecasting and cloud migration recommendations.

Get full and governed access to all data to import and synchronize with critical applications.


Data collection

Data mapping to Users and Organisations

Data visualization


Data integration

Billing Automation
BI tools
Other Systems…

Use Octopus to create more success

Improve profitability

  • Lower software procurement costs
  • Optimize infrastructure usage
  • Provide accurate end customer billing
  • Create clear cloud profitability analysis per end customer
  • Create cost comparison between license models (e.g., SPLA vs CSP)

Reduce financial risk

  • Minimize license compliance risk
  • Reduce profitability loss after migration to public cloud
  • Prevent overspending and overpayment to vendors
  • Be ready for audits with confidence and prevent audit penalties
  • Prevent underbilling of end customers

Improve compliance and efficiency

  • Automate monthly tailored end-customer billing and billing reports
  • Automate monthly comparison of usage
  • Trigger process automation tools
  • Build a single source of truth

Increase security (coming soon)

  • End of support reports on applications
  • User access tracking and analysis
  • Patch management overview
  • Security update reports on apps (from external service providers)

Benefits for service providers

Reduction in
financial risk
Improved operational efficiency


What is FinOps?

FinOps is an operational framework that brings finance, operations, and technology together in a way that helps service providers overcome the complexity and challenges of cloud financial management.

Why is FinOps important?

FinOps gives service providers better clarity and control over the cloud costs and responsibilities across their entire data ecosystem. That’s a major advantage that can help them to improve profitability, reduce financial risk, improve compliance and efficiency, and increase security.

How to implement FinOps

Adopting FinOps requires cultural change so that finance, operations, and technology teams are working efficiently together. The Octopus FinOps platform unlocks data that can be used across all these teams – enhancing collaboration while providing the deep insights and strict governance needed for FinOps to be implemented successfully.