On average,
we eliminated 30% under-licensing, 20% over-licensing
and saved over 200 Mio. USD Audit Fines for SPLA Partners.

Despite significant effort, Microsoft SPLA partners often struggle to report their SPLA usage correctly. We ensure transparency over your multi-tenant infrastructure, installed applications, and access-authorized users, enabling you to automate the SPLA report generation process and eliminate audit risks.

Complete data clarity. Total cost control.

As a SPLA Partner, managing compliance can be a challenging task. The complexities of tracking accurate license usage, ensuring compliance, and avoiding costly audit penalties often stretch your resources thin. Inconsistent billing and lack of real-time insights into end customer usage patterns further compound the issue, leading to revenue losses and dissatisfied customers.

Without a automated solution, manual reporting errors become commonplace, and the risk of under-licensing or over-licensing increases significantly. This is a thread for your financial stability but also a risk for your ability to make informed decisions .

What’s keeping you up at night?

Hybrid and multi-cloud is the new default
Compliancy and profitability are essential

Service providers need another way to stay on top of operations, compliancy, and financial profitability.

Reduce Software and Cloud expenses with intelligent SAM & FinOps

Octopus solves financial challenges for service providers by bringing together finance, operations and technology to help you make the right decisions to achieve your goals.

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Why you should choose Octopus

The Octopus SAM & FinOps platform reaches into every part of the data estate to draw out accurate operational data and combine it into a single point of view.

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More visualization. Better analysis.

Visualize, analyze and compare data. Use Octopus AI to track licensing usage, optimize spend, and make accurate recommendations.

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Operational efficiency through connected systems

Use the Octopus FinOps platform to connect systems across the whole of the business, transforming more data for widespread use and increasing operational efficiency.

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Why you should choose Octopus

We provide more automated data mapping, report generation and compliance analysis for more efficient work. Our accredited solutions have been developed with over 20 years combined expertise and distinguish themselves from others in the level of accurate detailed insights they provide.

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Deep visibility into IT assets for highly reliable reporting and recommendations.

Over 300 service providers globally rely on Octopus.

KPMG-assessed software asset management.

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Built for service providers

Integrate securely into cloud environment without hampering performance.

Predictable pricing model
Over 300 service providers globally rely on Octopus.

Multi-tenant support for full visibility, correct measurement and client access.

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Independent from vendors and resellers.
Over 300 service providers globally rely on Octopus.

No public cloud preference; recommendations are always based on the best solution, not about pushing public cloud.

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