Octopus for finance and procurement

Complete cost visibility with cloud platform management.

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The SPLA Licensing & FinOps platform for finance and procurement professionals at service providers

License Compliance and Audit Risks

Asset Utilization and ROI

Cost Management and Optimization

Transparent and Detailed Invoicing

Mergers and Acquisitions

Accelerate company growth year on year

Gain strategic competitive advantage

Achieve faster time-to-market

Deliver innovative and market-leading solutions, cost effectively

Retain your best talent

What’s keeping you up at night?

SPLA Licensing & Cloud spend

SPLA Licensing and cloud spending is unpredictable and sometimes chaotic, impacting your forecasting abilities.


Uncertainty surrounding the ROI of the company’s cloud investments, whether SPLA datacenter or Azure.

Cost fluctuations

The costs associated with innovation aren’t aligning to budgeting cycles

Complexity of licensing

There’s too much complexity in the software licenses held, with a lack of centralization for cloud commitments.

Software vendor audits

Worries around compliance issues and costly penalties arising from future software vendor audits.

Gain clarity and control with Octopus FinOps

Increased visibility

Gain complete oversight and accountability over your current cloud costs.  

Reliabie forecasting

Assess current and future costs with more accuracy to stay within budget cycles.

Impact on growth

Identify opportunities for cost savings and wider margins to impact the bottom line.

Better rates

Obtain the best cloud cost rates available so you’re never overspending.

Understand licensing

Centralize cloud licenses for a better understanding of costs per licence and contract.

Going deeper with Octopus

Use cases for finance and procurement

Achieve success against key metrics

Revenue growth

Growth margins

Cost of goods sold

Unit cost economics


Shareholder ROI

Software licence optimization

Cost per license

License utilization

IT spend per vendor