Ensuring License Compliance

Be equipped with the tools and information needed to maintain compliance, manage software assets efficiently, and be well-prepared for software audits

Discover the business opportunities hidden in your IT

Your business is only as strong as the technology it uses. Knowing where it’s strengths and weaknesses lie is critical if you want to keep meeting user needs, enable accurate decision-making, and undertake optimization programs that will make a genuine difference.

The SAM Baseline service from Octopus Cloud can help service providers take their SAM Baseline Reviews to the next level. Our unique AI-enabled tools provide data collection and analysis that you can trust, so you can confidently spot the risks and opportunities that exist within your software deployments.

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Gain deep insights into your software assets

Receive a comprehensive and up-to-date inventory of all Microsoft software assets within the organization. This includes installations, usage, and versions, critical data points in an audit.

Control risk

Continuously monitor software licenses against usage, ensuring that the organization remains compliant with licensing terms and agreements.

Find opportunities

Get helps in identifying areas where the organization might be overspending on software, such as unused or underutilized licenses.

SAM Baseline

Effective License Position (ELP) Report

Gain a detailed overview of you compliance status

Over- and under-reporting in SPLA Authorized usage

Graph showing over reporting and under reporting

Use Octopus for enhanced software asset management

Optimizing Software Spend

By ensuring that the organization only pays for the software it needs and uses, OC can lead to significant cost savings.

License Compliance

Octopus Tools ensure that all software is appropriately licensed, reducing the risk of legal penalties and fines due to non-compliance.

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Audit Preparedness

Octopus SAM Baseline Services prepares for software audits, minimizing the risk and impact of compliance issues.

Documentation and Reporting

Octopus automates the process of documentation and reporting, ensuring that all records are accurate, readily available, and easily retrievable.

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