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The SPLA Licensing & FinOps platform for business owners at service provider


Decision Making

Cost Optimization
Budget Planning

Risk Management and Compliance

Client Trust and Reputation

Accelerate company growth year on year

Gain strategic competitive advantage

Achieve faster time-to-market

Deliver innovative and market-leading solutions, cost effectively

Retain your best talent

What’s keeping you up at night?

SPLA Licensing & Cloud Cost

Master SPLA Licensing & Cloud Costs: With Octopus SPLA Licensing & FinOps, optimize licensing strategies and cloud expenditures effortlessly.

SPLA audits

Stay Audit-Ready with Octopus: Transform SPLA audits from daunting challenges into streamlined processes.


Maximize ROI with Octopus: Automate SPLA reporting, ensure precise billing, reduce compliance risks, and analyze cloud migration potential.

Complexity of licensing

Navigate with Ease: Octopus simplifies licensing, turning complexity into clarity.

Lack of clarity

The link between engineering initiatives and business objectives is unclear, meaning it’s hard to pinpoint areas of value.

Gain clarity and control with Octopus FinOps

Manage risks

Increase visibility to manage risks across your cloud ecosystem.

Find value

Connect your engineering decisions to your business objectives to bring out more value.

Predict SPLA Licensing & cloud spend

Accurately predict how SPLA licensing & cloud spending will grow as the business does.

Guide decision making

Access more information to guide the organization to make good cloud investments.

Remain compliant

Remain totally compliant across SPLA licenses – no matter the complexity.

Going deeper with Octopus

Use cases for service provider business owners

Achieve success against key metrics

Revenue growth

Gross margins

Cost of goods sold

Unit cost economics