Migration Clarity with Cloud VM Advisor

Provide due diligence for customers before migration to Azure begins, with accurate cloud usage planning and cost predictions provided by the deep machine learning technologies of Octopus Cloud VM Advisor.

Lead your customers’ migration decisions with deep analysis

Service providers have a huge opportunity to lead their customers’ cloud migration to Azure. But such transformative decisions can’t be taken blindly. They need to be based on accurate information that can pinpoint the right action for every customer.

Octopus Cloud VM Advisor combines the forensic investigation of the Octopus Scanner tool with our deep machine learning system to assess the true viability of the cloud. Service providers can uncover their customers’ current and future usage patterns, while making accurate cost comparisons and predictions that ensure the right migration decision is made, every time.

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How Cloud VM Advisor works

Understand end-customer usage patterns

We perform end-customer usage analysis, considering factors such as CPU, memory, storage, network, workload pattern, peak usage periods, and application performance metrics.

Virtual Machine rightsizing

We monitor usage utilization and analyze performance metrics. Based on this analysis, we determine the right instances for the end-customer's needs.

Disk rightsizing

Cloud VM Advisor determines the appropriate disk size for the end customer's needs.

Adjusted running hours

We calculate the cost of running hours and adjusted running hours. This helps us to identify any potential financial risks (planning and budgeting).

Final Octopus recommendation

Based on all these analyses, we provide a final profile recommendation. Your recommendation is calculated with your future consumption in mind.

Payment analysis

We consider the cost savings and risks associated with pay- per-use, reserved instances and saving plans.

Why cost comparison is important

Discover important usage insights

To optimize instance sizing, it's important to understand the workload characteristics, such as CPU, memory, and storage requirements, as well as the utilization patterns and demand.

Compare procurement options

By optimizing instance sizing and comparing the procurement options and risk, organizations can better align cloud usage with actual needs and budgets.

Keep customer experience high

Over-provisioned instances can lead to unnecessary costs, while under-provisioned instances can lead to poor performance and user experience. With Cloud VM Advisor, you can always choose the best option for you and your customers – improving customer relations.

Make educated decisions

Cloud providers offer various instance types and sizes to match different workload requirements and performance needs, as well as pricing models based on usage.

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Helping Whitesky Cloud find their most profitable cloud customers

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Using Cloud VM Advisor, Whitesky Cloud undertook a comprehensive profitability analysis to discover which of their customers would be most profitable within the Azure environment.

Armed with this information, they were able to create a tailored business case for each customer which clearly explained whether Azure was right for them, along with the most appropriate payment plan to achieve maximum cost efficiencies.

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Benefits for service providers

Accelerate company growth year on year

Gain strategic competitive advantage

Achieve faster time-to-market

Deliver innovative and market-leading solutions, cost effectively

Retain your best talent

Accelerate company growth year on year

Gain strategic competitive advantage

Achieve faster time-to-market

Deliver innovative and market-leading solutions, cost effectively

Retain your best talent

Go deeper with Octopus Cloud VM Advisor

Use cases for service provider business owners

Due diligence before Azure migration

Use Cloud VM Advisor for due diligence before migration to Azure begins. Pre-calculate the most likely costs for the future environment, based on current usage behaviour and user insights. With accurate analysis, build the right profiles in Azure and create steady forecasts with defined budgets – all within a 10-week timeframe.

Private cloud analysis

Service providers who host private clouds can use Cloud VM Advisor to spot where their environment can be scaled up or down without any compromise to performance. Ensure you’re able to keep up with unexpected peaks when they arise and cut back on hardware resources when they’re not being used.

SPLA comparison

Undertake cost comparisons between different SPLA providers with Cloud VM Advisor. Make informed decisions to ensure your SPLA provision remains as cost effective as possible.

Ensure Azure viability

Microsoft is approaching enterprises to commit instances to Azure in exchange for price reductions. However, migration to Azure might not be the most suitable option for every instance. With Cloud VM Advisor, you can uncover what can be moved without compromising performance or creating unnecessary costs.

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