Embrace Enhanced Hosting Flexibility

With the introduction of Microsoft's CSP Hoster program in October 2022, a new landscape for hosting and outsourcing IT infrastructure has emerged. The CSP Hoster program enables partners to build hosted desktop and server solutions and offer these solutions directly to their customers. This program not only expands the potential for cloud services but also introduces new licensing frameworks that require professional management.

Recognizing the complexities and new opportunities this program introduces, Octopus Cloud's new module is tailored to assist SPLA and CSP partners in navigating these changes efficiently. Our module simplifies the management of both Bring-Your-Own-License (BYOL) setups and license-included solutions, ensuring compliance and streamlining operations.

Key Features of Our Flexible Virtualization and CSP Hoster Module

  • Automated License Management: Automatically manage and report on the licenses used in your hosted services, whether they're BYOL or CSP license-included.
  • Compliance Assurance: Stay compliant with Microsoft’s licensing terms without the hassle. Our module ensures you meet all reporting and validation requirements set forth by the CSP Hoster program.
  • Cost Optimization: Leverage detailed insights into your license usage and needs to optimize costs and improve budgeting.

Perfect for SPLA and CSP Partners

If you're an SPLA partner or a CSP partner eligible for the CSP Hoster program, our module is designed specifically for you. The Flexible Virtualization and CSP Hoster Module at Octopus Cloud will help you manage your new responsibilities and take full advantage of the program’s benefits.

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As always, the team at Octopus Cloud is here to support you in navigating these changes and unlocking new opportunities in cloud hosting. With our new module, you’re well-equipped to meet the demands of today’s dynamic cloud environments. Join us in leading the way towards a more flexible and efficient cloud future!