In today's cloud infrastructure industry, service providers constantly seek ways to optimize their operations and maximize cost efficiencies. One area that can often be overlooked is licensing costs. With multiple licensing options and complex pricing structures, it can be challenging for service providers to calculate and control their licensing expenses accurately. That's where Octopus Cloud SPLA Licensing and FinOps Platform comes in.

Let's start by understanding the critical difference between traditional Microsoft SPLA licensing calculators and Octopus Cloud's innovative solutions. SPLA licensing calculators typically count all licenses together manually, providing a basic overview of the costs involved. While this can be helpful to get a general idea of licensing expenses, it lacks the comprehensive approach needed to optimize costs.

On the other hand, Octopus Cloud takes a data-driven approach to licensing optimization. Our platform automatically collects infrastructure inventory and usage data and maps it by the end customer, giving us a complete view of your licensing needs. By analyzing this data, Octopus Cloud compares all licensing options available and creates detailed reports that showcase the most cost-effective choices for your specific requirements. For example, if Windows Server Standard or Datacenter is the better option, it is calculated automatically by discovering the used cores and physical vs. virtual licensing costs. The same for SQL Server as well. We compare all licensing options and editions to see if SQL Enterprise is the best option by licensing the entire physical server with unlimited virtualization rights. We support, of course, the opposite as well, if users or devices licensing by SAL (not CALs, only subscriber access licensing) is cheaper, we choose to report by it.

But it doesn't stop there. At Octopus Cloud, we understand compliance is as important as cost optimization. Our platform checks for common compliance mistakes companies often make before presenting the final report to our customers. This ensures that you save costs and avoid any potential compliance issues arising from incorrect licensing practices.