Navigating the path to continuous profitability (Europe)

Attend our webinar to dive deeper into the FinOps opportunity.


Struggling to control costs in the cloud?

You’re not alone. Cost control has become the biggest cloud challenge for managed service providers and it’s clear that traditional approaches to controlling costs are falling short.

FinOps provides an alternative way, one that not only helps service providers to regain clarity and control over costs but opens new opportunities for profitability, too.

Join us for our upcoming webinar, as we share insights and expertise on cost control and FinOps, with a deep look into how the Octopus FinOps platform for service providers is helping businesses like yours.

In this webinar, you'll learn:

How cost control has become the biggest cloud challenge.

Why FinOps is driving new opportunities for service providers.

How the Octopus FinOps platform could create benefits for you and your customers.

Our presenters

Bahadir Durak

Bahadir Durak