Are you a service provider seeking clarity, cost analysis, or compliance support regarding SPLA licensing? Look no further than the SPLA Licensing Community, brought to you by Octopus Cloud. Join this premier community for Microsoft SPLA Partners to engage with industry peers, gain access to expert insights and best practices, and participate in exclusive events such as webinars and roundtables. Don't miss this opportunity to demystify licensing and optimize your business operations. Sign up today!

What is the SPLA Licensing Community?

The SPLA Licensing Community is a valuable resource for service providers seeking clarity. As part of this community, you'll have unlimited access to expertise and the opportunity to engage with peers in online discussions. You can also participate in invite-only events such as monthly webinars on SPLA licensing and FinOps, roundtables, and special events during industry conferences. Join the SPLA Licensing Community today to gain expert insights and best practices for your business.

Being a member of the SPLA Licensing Community offers several benefits. You'll have direct access to Octopus experts who can answer your licensing questions and provide specialized training in licensing or audit readiness. The online community allows you to collaborate with industry peers, ask questions, and gain unlimited access to Octopus technical experts. Additionally, weekly blogs featuring guest posts by industry leaders will keep you informed about the latest trends and developments in SPLA licensing, cloud migration, and FinOps. Don't miss out on this invaluable opportunity – become part of the SPLA Licensing Community now!

Membership and Target Audience

Who can join the Octopus Cloud Community? Any IT service-providing company working with or interested in FinOps, cloud migration, and SPLA agreements are welcome to become members. This includes licensing managers, service delivery professionals, finance and procurement professionals, and senior executives.

Benefits for different types of service providers: Whether you're an ISV looking to optimize software licensing or a VDI provider seeking support for Windows OS on Azure, joining the Octopus Cloud Community provides tailored benefits that cater specifically to your needs. Collaboration with industry peers in the online community allows for knowledge-sharing and problem-solving across various sectors within the IT landscape. We deep dive into the topics like license terms, and licensing options, we offer different resources for different licensing programs. Plus, invite-only events like monthly webinars on licensing offer further insights into FinOps strategies while fostering connections with experts at regional networking events or during prominent conferences such as MSP.Global or MS Inspire.

Benefits of Joining

  • Access to expert insights on SPLA licensing
  • Stay updated with the latest industry trends
  • Networking opportunities with fellow service providers

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