In the ever-evolving world of cloud computing, managing and optimizing infrastructure costs is a top priority for IT professionals. Particularly for those working with Infrastructure Providers and holding a Microsoft SPLA and CSP Contracts, it's crucial to ensure that resources are utilized efficiently to prevent overspending.

  1. Understanding End-Customer Usage Patterns

The first step towards efficient cost management is to understand the end-customer usage patterns. With Octopus Cloud's VM Cost Advisor Module, IT professionals can analyze various factors such as CPU, memory, storage, network, workload patterns, peak usage periods, and application performance metrics. This detailed analysis helps in identifying areas where resources are either underutilized or overutilized, paving the way for more informed decisions.

  1. Virtual Machine Rightsizing

Once the usage patterns are clear, the next step is to monitor the usage utilization and analyze performance metrics to determine the right instances for the end customer's needs. Octopus Cloud ensures that your virtual machines are neither too big nor too small, but just the right size to meet your performance and cost-efficiency goals.

  1. Disk Rightsizing

In addition to virtual machine rightsizing, Octopus Cloud also assists in determining the appropriate disk size for the end customer's needs. This ensures that you are not paying for unused storage space, contributing to overall cost savings.

  1. Adjusted Running Hours

By calculating the cost of running hours and adjusted running hours, Octopus Cloud helps in identifying any potential financial risks related to planning and budgeting. This proactive approach ensures that you are always ahead of the curve, avoiding any unexpected costs.

  1. Pay-per-use, Reserved Instances, and Saving Plans

Octopus Cloud takes a holistic approach to cost management by considering the cost savings and risks associated with pay-per-use, reserved instances, and saving plans. This ensures that you are leveraging the most cost-effective options available, tailored to your specific needs.

  1. Final Octopus Recommendation

Based on all the analyses above, Octopus Cloud provides a final profile recommendation, calculated with your future consumption in mind. This ensures that you are making the most informed and strategic decisions to optimize your Azure infrastructure costs.

Benefits of Octopus Cloud's Approach

  1. Discover Important Usage Insights

By optimizing instance sizing and understanding workload characteristics, Octopus Cloud helps in uncovering crucial usage insights, ensuring that cloud usage is perfectly aligned with actual needs.

  1. Compare Procurement Options

With the ability to compare various procurement options and understand the associated risks, organizations can make more informed decisions, ultimately leading to cost savings and better budget alignment.

  1. Make Educated Decisions

Octopus Cloud empowers IT professionals to choose from various instance types, sizes, and pricing models, ensuring that the infrastructure is optimized for both performance and cost.

  1. Maintain a Stellar Customer Experience

Avoiding over-provisioning and under-provisioning of instances is key to maintaining a good customer experience. Octopus Cloud ensures that your infrastructure is always right-sized, leading to optimal performance and user satisfaction.


Preventing Azure Infrastructure overspending is a critical task for IT professionals, particularly those working with Infrastructure Providers and holding a Microsoft SPLA and CSP Contract. Octopus Cloud's VM Cost Advisor Module provides a comprehensive suite of tools and analyses to ensure that your infrastructure is optimized for both cost and performance. By following the steps outlined in this guide, you can achieve significant cost savings, make more informed decisions, and maintain a high level of customer satisfaction. Take the first step towards efficient Azure Infrastructure management with Octopus Cloud today.