In our modern world, the subscription model has become ubiquitous. From the movies we watch to the music we listen to, and even theWord document I'm using to write this article, everything is a subscription.This extends to the web hoster providing this website. These services are paid for monthly. Despite owning very little, we are still responsible for software compliance. How does this work?

Think of all the different ways an organization can purchase or subscribe to software. There’s pay-as-you-go in Azure (requires no CALs),EAs (requires CALs and Software Assurance), and licensing programs such as SPLA(no Software Assurance and no CALs). When it comes to licensing in third-party data centers or even your own, licensing guidelines still apply (yes, even if it is a subscription).

The above is just a tiny example of the different licensing challenges.  Imagine for a moment, you are a hoster with hundreds of customers with different licensing agreements.  How do you track it?  The question we get asked frequently is,“These are customer licenses; I am not responsible for them.”  The problem with that statement is if it is installed in your data center, you are indeed on the hook for them.   You must always prove that the way you are licensed is correct.  How do you prove it?  You prove it by having a system that tracks all the different programs from one solution.  What is the solution?  

Welcome to the new reporting module by Octopus Cloud.  Not only can you track SPLA licensing, but you can also gain insight into the different licensing programs your customers may have invested in.  It is not so much about compliance, but it is important to have a program in place that can help your customer understand how licenses should be purchased, the best ways to reduce their costs, and, yes, the best ways to stay compliant and up to date with the different licensing programs. Change is the one thing consistent with Microsoft (or any publisher, forthat matter).  You can stay ahead of the changes or stay in the dark, but ultimately, your customers will want you to help them.   I encourage you to reach out to your Octopus sales representative who can provide a demonstration and help answer your questions.

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