A complete workflow to ensure
your SPLA license compliance.

IT Asset Management

Enter your physical and virtual server environment with the installed applications on it – manually or fully automated with the inventory scanner of your choice.

End Customer Management

Manage your clients and their user information. Have an overview and keep the control to be compliant. Integrate license mobility and SAL for SA scenarios.

SPLA Reporting Generation

Generate your SPLA reporting whenever you need it with only a few clicks. Based on your pricelist, find the best licensing option for you and report it to your SPLA reseller.

Costs Optimization

Octopus Cloud SPLA Manager is calculating the breakeven points for processor – SAL or core – SAL options. Your reporting is always optimized for the lowest Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

Multiple Pricelists

Consider your multiple SPLA amendments with different pricing levels (Corporate, Government, Academic or Charity) in your SPLA reporting.

On-Premise Installation

If you prefer to keep Octopus Cloud SPLA Manager within your own Infrastructure, you can install our Dynamic Edition on premise. All you need is a virtual server with an internet connection. No information will then leave your datacenter.

Connect to your SAM Tool

If you’re already using a SAM Tool we can connect Octopus Cloud SPLA Manager to it. The Octopus Cloud SPLA Licensing Engine can use your existing inventory data. Please contact us if you need support.

Audit Trail

Octopus Cloud is recording all activities. Thus it’s very easy for you to understand what happens on the servers. An important advantage from a security point of view.

End Customer Reports

Generate individual SPLA licensing reports for all your clients and keep an eye on your licensing costs as well as the used servers and applications of your customers.

The Octopus Cloud SPLA Manager
lets you focus on your business.

The Octopus Cloud SPLA Manager changes the way you're creating
SPLA reports. You save time and money by reducing your
licensing costs through further optimization. And it all
comes with the proper license compliance.

Still not convinced?

It's time to test the
Octopus Cloud SPLA Manager.