Microsoft SPLA licensing
has never been that simple.

The Octopus Cloud SPLA Manager is the first automated
SPLA reporting tool for Microsoft Service Providers.

How It Works

Octopus Cloud SPLA Manager generates
your usage reporting in seconds.

1 Collect your server infrastructure inventory data

Software Inventory Data
Hardware Inventory Data
Prepare your software and hardware
inventory data for the Octopus Cloud SPLA Manager.
(Excel, CSV, XML, JSON, API, custom integration)

2 Transfer the inventory data to Octopus Cloud SPLA Manager

Microsoft Products
Server Infrastructure
Enter your individual SPLA licensing prices for each product.

3 Generate your monthly SPLA usage report with one click

OSLA Engine - Octopus Cloud SPLA Licensing Algorithm Engine
OSLA identifies possibilities to reduce SPLA licensing costs and ensures your license compliance.
3 simple steps and your Microsoft SPLA usage report is up and ready to send.